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Colleges & Departments

School of Atmospheric Sciences

Atmospheric Science

Applied Meteorology

School of Computer Science

Digital Media Technology

Computer Science and Technology (Computer Application)

Computer Science and Technology (Computer Engineering)

School of Electronic Engineering

Electronic and Information Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Electronic and Information Engineering

Signal and Information Processing

Meteorological Sounding Technique

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Agricultural Information

School of Software Engineering

Software Engineering

School of Optoelectronic Technology

Electronic Science and Technology

Optic Information Science and Technology

Applied Physics

Materials Physics

School of Control Engineering

Measurement, Controlling Technology and Instrumentations

Electrical Engineering and Automation

Automation (Industry Automation and Building Automation)

Mechatronic Engineering

School of Communication Engineering

Microelectronics Science and Engineering

Communication Engineering

School of Cybersecurity

Information Countermeasure

Information Security

Network Engineering

Internet of Things

Information security

Computer Application Technology

Agriculture Information Technology

School of Resources and Environment

Environment Science

Remote Sensing Science and Technology

Environment Technology

Geographical Information Science

Surveying and Mapping Engineering

School of Management

Public Administration

Exhibition Economy and Management

Labor and Social Security

Information Management Information System

Human Resource Management

Tourism Management

Engineering Management

School of Culture and Arts

Artistic Design

Social Work

Chinese Language & Literature

Chinese as a Second Language

School of Logistics

Logistic Management

Logistics Engineering

Electronic Commerce

School of Foreign Languages


School of Applied Mathematics

Information and Computing Science

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

School of Statistics


Economic Statistics

School of Business  


Financial Management

Financial Engineering

Accounting (Accounting)

Accounting (ACCA)

International Economic and Trade