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Academics & Research


Oriented by the social needs, CUIT has exhibited great strength in research and made remarkable achievements over the years. Having formed the core of Atmospheric Sciences, the key subjects of the information science and technology, management and engineering, the university vigorously established the scientific research platform, expanded research areas, as well as promoted the commercialization of research outputs. In recent five years, CUIT was granted 106 National Natural Science Fund Projects, National Social Science Fund Projects and other national science research projects, 163 provincial and ministerial science projects, and 339 longitudinal and 1500 horizontal science projects, obtaining science and technology funds about 334 million RMB with 66.71 million RMB annually. The number of papers published attained 3900, including 1000 SCI, EI and ISTP articles. The university has been awarded 2 National Award for Science and Technology Progress rewards and 52 scientific and technological rewards on provincial level as well as philosophy and the social sciences rewards.  


Scientific Research Platform

CUIT has 8 key provincial and ministerial laboratories(including Sichuan Engineering and Technological Research Center, Sichuan key Research Bases for Philosophy and Social Sciences), 7 key laboratories supervised by universities and Research Bases for Humanities and Social Sciences, and 1 post-doctoral research station. CUIT has reached advanced world standards in the research of new-type weather radar system, China Doppler weather radar of a new generation, atmospheric radiation and satellite remote sensing, weather dynamics and dry monsoon, environmental system analysis and environmental monitoring& evaluation, computer and software, information security, and E-commerce.

Scientific Research

Research is an essential contribution. CUIT encourages and facilitates research for three primary reasons:

Contributes to the public good

Both applied and basic research have the potential to enhance the quality of life for all.

Encourages faculty development

Research keeps faculty current on the issues and methods driving their respective disciplines.

Enhances the educational process

Research ensures "cutting edge" professors engage students and promote academic skills.

CUIT encourages interdisciplinary research across department and school boundaries while focusing on tackling challenges for society at large. In five years, the university has joined programs such as the Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and the Social Science Foundation of China (SSFC), along with 106 other national scientific research programs. Two programs have won the National Science-Technology Progress Prize.